Abstract: DevOps is a collaboration of development and operations devised to stress on communication and integration between them. The main of DevOps is to help an organization to grow and excel. With its help an organization can produce software products and services. Continuous development and innovation is required in an organization and DevOps training has been started in the orientation itself. Many researchers have been written about it since 2009 and various blogs are available on the internet. Organizations have associated themselves with DevOps for a lean startup methodology. DevOps aims to aid software application by standardizing development environments.

The main use of DevOps is to streamline the day to day activities of an organization and speed up the process for timely deliveries. Companies are focusing on the automation of processes this way timely delivery and quality results are achieved. Getting the workforce trained with the latest technologies and getting optimum work for them have become the need of the hour. Problems can be more easily solved by this software development method. Documented processes could be devised by it and processes could be made user friendly. Developers are trained and given environmental control and application centric knowledge to sustain. Simple processes are modified to result in optimum development and growth.

Keywords: Docker, Container, Docker swarm, Cluster, Devops, Linux, Nodes

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10222

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