Abstract: "Fashion is the field where we create dreams" And " Photography is something that inspires dreams". To get along with the dreams , we are in a time span where we get technological support the most.The technology is playing a major role in our everyday lives. With this technological development, big opportunities are being created for many industries to grow economically in a short span. When coming to the world of fashion and photography, after the debut of the digital era there is a huge decline in the use of old production methods. We are living in the period where time values more than money and the people are progressing behind technology. This helps in the frugality of both money and time. Currently, most of the people prefer online platforms rather than face to face meet ups. Especially,the ongoing pandemic has constructed a great path to this digitalism. In such a manner that an individual can connect worldwide with the concept of networking. This clearly indicates that the future of fashion and photography depends on technological advancements like 4.0.

Keywords: Fashion, Photography, Technology, Future

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101104

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