Abstract: Researcher’s efforts to create a clever and intelligent directing mechanism that can function in both indoor and outdoor settings for persons with intelligent eyes have been hampered over the past few decades by advancements in the field of steer and routing devices. The equipment’s is utilized to recognize items. We also use an ultrasonic sensor mounted on a servomotor to gauge the distance between objects and the persons wearing the prothetic eye. When compared to earlier systems, the given research recognizes the barrier with a noticeably high efficiency while just required straightforward computations for its implementation. The goal of this study is the creation of a tool that will aid stone-blind people and provide an efficient answer. Independent mobility and navigation are difficult for the blind. Daily tasks are hampered.

Keywords: Include Bluetooth, Cane module, Digital compass, IR ranging sensor, PIC microcontroller, Voice chip, Smart system, visual losses, biomedical sensor, tensorflow, Viola Jones, Ultra sensors, deep learning, obstacle detection and object recognition.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12215

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