Abstract: Over decades, agriculture has seen tremendous revolution. The development of farm machineries such as tractors, harvesters, improved irrigation systems have contributed immensely to food security and sustainable economy.

The development of Computers has contributed significantly in improving our daily activities, and agriculture is not an exception.

New technology called Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing to light amazing developments in process automation, process control, data collection, and real-time response to events. It has helped in home automation, self-driving cars, Unmanned Aerial vehicles and many more.

IoT can be applied in agriculture by means of sensors aimed at field monitoring, disease detection; temperature, humidity and soil moisture monitoring, automatic irrigation system, IoT based drones, farm animals monitoring etc.

The change of climate in the Sahel, caused largely by global warming and desertification, has affected so much of production and farm output, we aim in this research to apply IoT technology in climate monitoring such as the temperature and humidity, soil moisture monitoring, crop management, precision farming practice, , farm management using End-to-End Farm Management System.

The result shows an interesting output of the variations in temperature, humidity, soil moisture, sunlight levels and probable rain drops in the experiment site.

The result were shown directly on the LCD screen attached to the Arduino microcontroller and at the same time transmitted over the internet to the IoT cloud and displayed on the Arduino IoT remote application. This research was implemented on a small part on an irrigation site and can thus be expanded to accommodate larger components for use on large farm site.

Keywords: Internet-of-things (IoT), Sensors, Cloud, Irrigation and Farming, Arduino

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12401

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