Abstract: Imagining the world without any use of electricity is very difficult these days. Small things like study lamp to big things like a plane requires electricity to operate. Human civilization has become very modern, and electricity is needed everywhere.In Today’s modern era new forth thing is added in the basic need i.e. food, Shelter,cloths and Electricity. So the keeping that though in mind and a little contribution to humanity we have proposed electricity generation mechanism with the help of steps of Human being.This project is to develop a new source of renewable energy with low-cost budget with the help of Arduino Uno as the microcontroller. The footstep power generation system is to capture the typically wasted energy surrounding a system and transforming it into electrical energy.
Here force energy is produced by human footsteps and the force energy is converted into mechanical energy by rack and pinion mechanism, electricity is produced by generator. This power source has many applications as in home, agriculture application and street lighting and as energy source for sensors in remote locations. This paper is mainly all about generating electricity when people walk on the Floor.

Keywords:. Arduino Uno, rack and pinion mechanism, Generator, Rectifier, Voltage Sensor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105157

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