Abstract: Patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus must monitor their blood glucose levels in order to control the glycaemia. Consequently, they must perform a capillary test at least three times per day and, besides that, a laboratory test once or twice per month. Diabetes is an incurable disorder which produces various problems related to the body. It is a fast-growing disorder, about 500 million people in the world and 50 million people in India are the victims of diabetes. All problems related to diabetes can be reduced through physical exercise, proper and balanced diet, and medication. The current invasive technique which is painful and inconvenient because people have to prick their finger to draw the blood for the measurement of glucose concentration in the blood on a daily basis so it is not recommended for a lifetime. People living in villages do not have facilities to check their blood sugar level regularly because of unavailability of glucose measurement devices and procedural cost. To overcome the difficulties caused by invasive method we are using non-invasive method in our project. In this project we are displaying the glucose value on LCD and this data can be stored in database, and also this data sent to the doctors through web/android application so that patient can get early medications and they can take precautions.

Keywords: IoT, Raspberry Pi, Health Care, Non-Invasive Glucose level Monitoring.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10582

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