Abstract: Road accidents are increasing now-a-days. It causes a loss of life of people to the huge amount. There are many reason with result in road accident. The rapid  development in urban, industrial parts and migration along with other social changes have found  in increasing necessity for travel across all age groups in the entire country. Accident is an event, occurring suddenly, unexpectedly and in any situation under unforeseen conditions. An accident that takes place on the road involving a vehicle is termed as road traffic accident. With poor public transportation systems and inability of people to buy cars, the personal modes of transport have increased across Indian cities and in rural areas. This increasing importance on motor vehicles and motorcycles has also started influencing health of people in a significant way. Road traffic injuries are predicted to rise from ninth place in 2004 to fifth place by 2030 as contributor to the global burden of disease. Each year, road traffic injuries take the lives of 1.2 million people around the world and seriously harms millions more.

Keywords: Roadway Fatal Accidents, Association, Classification, Clustering

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8510

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