Abstract: In the era of different digital technologies, the financial field holds a great importance in the real world. It is an integral part of our life and handles tremendous amount of data. Most of the financial companies nowadays are trying to maximize their profits and there arises a dog-eat-dog situation between them. Companies with help of data-driven machines, survives in the battle while others fail and results in total loss of their company. Analysing the historical data provides a best method to overcome many challenges including financial crisis of the companies Data scientists now may speak that analysing the behaviour of market is not a big deal. While, technology is growing day-by-day, machine learning has successfully built up within finance. One of the main purpose of this technology is to forecast the future behaviour of the finance domain. With the help of various predictive technologies machine learning holds a great impact on the finance industry. The techniques can be implemented in risk free investment banking, payments and market forecasting etc. depicting the analysis on the impacts and facts of machine learning in finance.    

Keywords: ML, AI, IBM, SVM, Bookkeeping, Trail Balance Document

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9136

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