Abstract: There are priority preemptive scheduling algorithm and priority non-preemptive scheduling algorithm in operating system. When the newly arrived process is compared its priority to the process that is running and if its priority is higher it will executed by the CPU. This is known as priority preemptive scheduling algorithm where when the recently arrived process is positioned at the head of the queue and cannot be interrupted, this is known as priority non-preemptive scheduling algorithm. This priority algorithm is based on execution of process over a priority value. The higher the value, the higher the priority. Every process has its own priority. The first process to be executed is the process with higher priority, then continue until all the processes finish. In this journal we discuss the priority preemptive scheduling algorithm. With the priority number from 0 until 10, where the 0 the the lowest priority and 10 is the highest priority. Two case studies are discussed here.

Keywords: Priority, Scheduling, Priority Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm, Priority Non-Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11105

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