Abstract: In this paper, Analysis of Railway Track Crack Detection System is done. The development board has been interfaced to the stepper, servo & dc motors such that the anthropomorphic like structure can be controlled from the buttons at the base of the structure (robotic arm). When signal come to robotic arm, it will activated and then it searching for the code object in storage area when it get confirmation of availability thus it call rover to collect and dispatch that object to its destination of call at the instant of getting signal inbuilt program in arduino controller activate and check signal status incoming signal on terminal via Node MCU module thus programmed the DC motor with fixed degree which have been place in programming for particular objects , end effecter as a claw made up of servo geared motor and spar gear assembly with L293d motor driver.

Keywords: Railway Track; Crack Detection System; Robotic Arm; MPU; Automatic

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8125

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