Abstract: Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss that assists you and your loved ones in recovering from a disaster, such as a fire, theft, lawsuit, or a road accident. When you get insurance, you'll be given an insurance policy, which is a legal agreement between you and your insurance provider. When you have a covered loss and file a claim, your insurance company pays you or a designated recipient, known as a beneficiary, according to the terms of your policy. Majority of insurance sales agents use social media, phone calls, text message, in-person meetings, etc to sell their policies, these techniques are not only time consuming and traditional but also have less hit ratio, because the customer may not be interested in that particular insurance or he/she already has that insurance. This paper analyses the different methods of sales and also tries to provide an alternative solution.

Keywords: insurance, sales, analysis, online insurance sales

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11451

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