Abstract: Cloud computing is the fastest growing technology. This technology has changed the face of traditional computing technologies and offers many benefits to the field of IT enterprises, even though it has to overcome many challenges to satisfy its maturity level. Cloud computing provides a adaptable, flexible and convenient way for  sharing the data that brings plethora of benefits for both the industry and community. But often there is a  natural resistance for individual users/industry to directly outsource the data to be shared on to the cloud server as the data often might contain sensitive information.  Encryption is the one of the most secured way to prevent unauthorized access. This paper discusses the major security challenges of cloud computing and also highlights the importance of various cryptographic encryption algorithms as it is the major solution that can be considered for the security challenge. Due to increasing demand for more clouds and data are stored in an open environment several security issues like confidentiality, integrity and authentication may arise. This paper discusses various algorithms that ensure security in the cloud environment.

Keywords: Encryption, confidentiality, computing, integrity and authentication

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.799

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