Abstract: As SARS COVID is continues to spread in the world also in India as well, the growth rate of detection of COVID cases might be non-exponential but the actual cases and data and its effect towards the new generation especially in the case of children, the impact is a very serious issue. The current situation not only affects the economic and health condition of the country but also in the psychological context to the whole society across the nation. In the situation of a complete lockdown, a kind of restriction to the children for there open movements may be restricted from playing, schooling, any kind of physical contact with outsiders, socialization are all directly or indirectly leading to a more isolated behavioral impact towards the brain or mindset of the children. In this paper, we have shown some real-time experiments and observations with the help of some predictive analysis and algorithms which clearly shows the impact of COVID in children as a real case of Psychosocial Disorder.

Keywords: Algorithm, COVID, Education, Machine Learning, Psychosocial Disorder.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101102

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