Abstract: It creates problem to visitor to reach easily and timely to their desired location. So, there must be a system that will guide and help visitor and also students to get to their desired places from their current location. Almost all people including students use smart phones. Almost all people including students uses smartphones. So a map application will be most helpful to locate desired place and shortest path from current location. Finding a place in a new location where visitors have no experience and clueless about it. This seems like getting lost in a maze and there is no easy way to reach out destination. This paper introduces an application for android mobile, which is implemented to provide the android mobile user to add, remove and review specific locations on the online map. The proposed applications also presents the basics navigation operations like showing directions with the optimal path between source and destination and calculating the distance and expected driving time. Google Maps APIs, Google Direction APIs, PHP, JSON and MySQL have been integrated and used in this application to obtain solutions

 keywords- UUB i.e.UltraWide Band, Android App, Navigation, Current Location.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125295

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