Abstract: The main aim of implementing this project is to diminish the loss of customers to competitor. The current system is manual & time consuming due to the paper work. It is very costly process and it has low average return. At present, users can walk-in or make a call to book or hire a cab. The employees of the organization will have to check the records in order to see the availability of the vehicle for renting. In the existing system there is a possibility of errors and loss of data. The aim of this project is to book a cab online so that customers do not require to make a call or walk-in to book a cab. They can book a cab as per their requirement and select a cab from the listed available cabs. It also keeps record of all available and reserved cabs. Reports will be generated.

Keywords: Google Map, Cab Booking, Android App, Rest API

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11916

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