Abstract: 21st century is the age of smartphones [1] and other smart gadgets like tablets, portable media players, pocket computers, and smart watches. Most of these gadgets run android OS developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance (OHA) [2]. Android OS supports many android applications, either developed by the company itself or by any third party called third party application (app). In this paper, we have presented one of the applications developed by us which can perform the task of converting speech to text and text to speech. The speech of the subject will be carefully and intelligently converted to text by formal approximations. Anything written or copied to the clipboard can be converted to speech. Our goal is to operate using English language. This can be later employed in the case of regional languages as well.

Keywords: third party application (app), converting speech to text, converting text to speech, recording the data entered on to the clipboard, recording the speech at different rate and publishing it in suitable format.


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8208

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