ABSTRACT - The main objective of this application is to enhance the user safety, by analyzing the road conditions and user behavior by using sensors associated with android mobile. This system enhances the user safety measures by identifying the user behavior such as follows: (i) the user wearing helmet or not (ii) Monitor the driving condition by using accelerometer connected in mobile phone and (iii) Locating the user position by means of mobile GPS. This system allows further precedence only if the user is wearing helmet or else it produces the alert message like the user is not wearing helmet to administrator. In the proposed approach, once the user entered successfully into the application, it shows the user’s vehicle position and in which direction the user is proceeding on. As well as, this application is used to track the location of the user (vehicle) by using mobile Global Positioning System (GPS). For all the entire system is used to improve the safety measures of user and feels them more secure in roads while driving.

Index Terms – Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, GPS, Android, Decision-Tree Algorithm, C-Series Machine Learning Algorithm.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10440

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