Abstract:This research proposed an android-based-approach for the design of a mobile smartphone anti-theft system that is fit for performing Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card discovery, location and mobility information fetching through Global Positioning System (GPS), sending the fetched location using Short Message Service (SMS), passing culprit’s mobility information to the corresponding mobile operator to provide the mobile number, capturing culprit pictures using either the camera of the stolen phone or the culprit image captured by the mobile operator and transferring the information to the alternate email id/SIM and appropriate authority to capture the smartphone theft culprit. The system was developed using Android Studio IDE, Java programming language, and SQLite database. The system evaluation was carried out using a survey form integrated into the developed anti-theft system. On average, more than 80% of the participants found the framework to be simple and easy to use.

Keywords: Smartphones; Anti-Theft System; Subscriber Identity Module; Global Positioning System; Short Message Service

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124130

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