Abstract - This work deals with development of android-based multiple-choice question examination system, namely: Quiz. This application is developed for educational purpose, allowing the users to prepare the multiple choice questions for different examinations conducted on College level. The main goal of the application is to enable users to practice for subjective tests conducted for admissions and recruitment, with focus on Computer science field. This quiz application includes three main modules, namely (i) computer science, (ii) verbal, and (iii) analytical. The computer science and verbal modules contains various types of sub categories. This quiz includes three functions: (i) Hint, (ii) Skip, and (iii) Pause, which are collectively named as life lines that help users to answer questions correctly. These functions can be used only once by a user. It shows progress feedback during quiz play, and at the end, the app also shows result.

Key Words: “password”,”Course”,”Test”.”Resuly”.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10569

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