Abstract: Presently, people have come to the stage where they feel that it is impossible to live without a mobile phone. It has become a necessary part of their life. Due to this, mobile applications which are useful in day to day lives are in demand. We have a mobile application for every single thing. Therefore, we propose the architecture of a mobile application which acts as a guide for the tourists when they are visiting any unknown place in Karnataka. This model will be for travellers who wish to travel in many areas of Karnataka. Unlike the other apps, the business will offer the utmost coverage of many areas. The speciality of this application is, it does not require internet connection. The application shows the history of the particular place as soon as you enter the name of the place with the location and also one of the advantages is, it will show the nearest hotels for refreshment and lodging. We also have done a market analysis, competitive analysis and future enhancements to the application.

Keywords: Android tourist guide, GPS, GIS

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12412

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