Abstract: Lots of Applications are developed to track a Smart phone but still it is a major concern. User has to manually report to the customer care to block the number of the lost Phone. So that, Android Application is deployed with initial registration of Alternative Mobile number. An Application which is deployed in the mobile devices can be able to Track the current location of the device. If the robber changes the SIM card, immediately then location details are sent to the alternative Phone number of the original User. In this paper, both the logic of tracking the Theft Phone with mobile number & with GPS is tracked continuously. The registered alternate mobile numbers can get the SMS alert from the Theft Mobile. This process is reworked continuously to track the android mobile phone. Our Anti-theft mobile application will be capturing the picture of the thief as soon as the mobile is switched on and app launched and will be sending the location to the alternate mobile number. The location will be sent as a link of the map on which the location traced with longitude and latitude which can view in maps with marker to location. It will be needed an active internet connection to make the process possible, the user can register for it’s lost phone on our web application through which the mobile application will be triggered. Once the application is triggered with lost status, it will start working and as soon as the app launched, it will click a picture of the thief and will send it along with the location to the alternate mobile number mentioned during the registration process. This will help the user to trace his/her mobile phone without third party help.

Keywords: Location tracking, Android, Smart Phone, Context, Web Application, SMS Services, Picture Capturing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91212

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