Abstract: In the last few decades there has been a rapid growth in education system. A lot of programs have been launched for improving the quality of higher education. In these years the number of enrolments for higher education has also increased. Higher education has become important to understand the requirements of students and their academic progression. Education Data Mining helps in a significant way to explain the issues of predictors and profiling of students. Algorithms like page ranker, c.4.5, apriori, expectation maximization are used to evaluating Students behaviour, performance and presentation etc. Data Mining uses a mixture of a direct knowledge base, experienced systematic ability and domain knowledge to expose secret trends and patterns. These trends and patterns form the beginning of conjecturing model that allows analysts to construct new study from existing data. This paper takes up the application of data mining tools and techniques that can be definitely used in claiming the issues of predictions of student’s performance.

Keywords: Data Mining, Educational Data Mining, Application in Higher Education, Algorithms

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9124

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