Abstract: The whole project is based on the idea on length of time it takes a capacitor to charge, based on this charging time the distance and other related values and coordinates are measured and the motion path is calculated. The main objective of the project is Touchless 3D tracking, as the name suggests the project focuses on detection of 3D motion without any external touch and replicate the same motion on our computer screen. That is, the computer should be able to detect the entire motion path of the desired object. The Tracking takes place in 3 Dimensional field that is x,y and z, that is the depth is also taken into consideration. Each axis acts like a capacitor when the voltage is applied to it. As our hand approaches the plate our body electrically couples with the plate and changes its capacitance. The higher the capacitance the longer it will take for the capacitor to get fully charged. The software on the Arduino measures the time it takes to charge the plates. The change in the charge time corresponds to the hands distance from the plate. The Whole project is based on Arduino Micro-controller, which is an open source microcontroller. The project will be implemented on Arduino platform, which provides direct interaction with the Arduino micro-controller. The simplicity of this 3D tracking mechanism will show us, what all are the possibilities for future and what all can be achieved using some simple and logical techniques.

Keywords: Arduino, Touchless Interface, Micro Controller, Capacitive Sensing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8306

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