Abstract: Most new cars today come with a host of advanced safety features including automated systems that assist the drive in maintaining control of the car and warning the driver of possible dangers. The problem, however, is that while these kinds of features greatly increase the safety of a car, they are exorbitantly expensive and only available in new, high-end cars not in old, low-end cars. This research paper aim at creating forward collision mitigation system that provide a level playing ground for all vehicles, regardless of make, age, type or model, when it comes to possible safety risk one can face on the road and at a minimal cost. The system will detect the distance between two vehicles moving in the same lane, in the same direction and alert the driver whenever he or she is in danger range using a microcontroller and ultrasonic sensor. The distance is measured by an ultrasonic and an audio visual alarm to effectively alert the driver and/or the passengers.

Keywords: Collision, Sensor, Cars, Arduino, Accident, Vehicle, Ultrasonic, Alert, Risks

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.797

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