Abstract: Many researchers have been going on in recent years for the development of ultraviolet based sanitization. In this research contactless determination of Sanitization Robot system where in passing thorough confined space in constrain area, when said robotic system has to be placed in the closed room where no human is needed for further effective operation. The robot can be operated from the laptop or computer by running specific language coding instruction with a unique compiler system. The program has to be run from VNC viewer. It is also capable of live stream of surrounding using camera placed on robot for effective operation of robotic system. The present disclosure highlight System which is contact free and as no human energy is wasted in sanitization of particular compact area. In the present the research proposed an efficient way of sanitization system as the ultraviolet light of type C is able to kill different types of bacteria, viruses and germs. Thus, present disclosure will impact a traditional sanitization method thus giving a new perspective with ultra violet sanitization method, the innovative non invasive blood glucose sensor system place on the robot is placed to check the blood glucose of the user the present disclosure with interactive artificial intelligent problem-solving tool will also help the user to brainstorm the day to today activities.

Keywords: AI based sanitization robot, UV based sanitization, wirelessly controlled robot, and Machine learning based human detection.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105132

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