Abstract: To lead a better life healthcare is extremely much important. But it's very difficult to get the consultation with the doctor just in case of any health issues. The proposed idea is to make a medical chatbot using Artificial Intelligence which will diagnose the disease and supply basic details about the disease before consulting a doctor. To reduce the healthcare costs and improve accessibility to medical knowledge the medical chatbot is made. Certain chatbots acts as a medical reference books, which helps the patient know more about their disease and helps to enhance their health. The user can achieve the real advantage of a chatbot only if it can diagnose all quite disease and supply necessary information. A text-to-text diagnosis bot engages patients in conversation about their medical issues and provides a personalized diagnosis supported their symptoms. Hence, people will have a thought about their health and have the correct protection.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Prediction, Pattern matching, Disease, Query processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9223

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