Abstract: The primary aim of the study was to examining the effects of Low Intensity Treadmill Workouts on stress, only one group was targeted as an experimental group, there was no control group. The 15 male participated in the study and their age ranged between 19-28 years. The all students are sedentary and not participation any sporting or physical activities Exclusion criteria were the presence of any chronic disease such as CVD, Hypertension Hypotension, asthma, Diabetes, etc. that would put the subjects at risk when performing the experimental tests. Experimental group participated in Low Intensity Treadmill Workouts Training program which was conducted for four-week, four days in a week and 15 minutes in a day. After the pre-test was over, the entire selected subjects were exposed to four-week Treadmill Workouts. The findings of the study show that severe stress were reduce, The findings of the study will be proposing a new conceptual model that may assist the government in framing new policies and strategies to manage the stress problem

Keywords: Stress, Treadmill, Low Intensity

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111129

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