Abstract: Assisting to the people with visual, hearing and vocal impairment through the modern system is a tough job. Now the modern-day researches are only focusing on the issues of any one of the impairments in the above challenges but not all. This work is performed mainly to find the unique technique/solution for people with visual, hearing, vocal improvement to communicate with each other and also with the normal persons.

The main part is Raspberry pi on which all these activities are carried out. This work provides the assistance to visually impaired person by making them hear what is present in text format. For hearing impaired people, the audio signals are converted into text format by using speech to text conversion technique. And for vocally impaired people, they can convey their message by the help of speaker by using text to speech conversion.  

 Key words: Raspberry pi, image to voice, text to voice, speech to text

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125217

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