Abstract: ‘Atulyam Bharat’ or we can say Incredible India is the dream of every Indian including our own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi. But this dream can never be achieved without the ‘Swastha Bharat’ or Healthy India. Health and well-being of its citizens is the first priority of any country and so as India. No one can deny the fact that India seeks to become a world power. Better population health is one among the vital considerations in India. All those who are living in cities and massive cities have no doubt access to high finish health services, the ample people living in rural India, notably within the remote elements of the country face issues of inadequate facilities and poor access to attention. The inefficiencies and inequities within the public health care access in India have pushed forward the necessity for power and innovative solutions to strengthen a similar. Paper identifies the large deficiency and scarcity of right and timely health care facilities to our Rural India. We also point the addresses a way to give bigger access to primary health care services in rural India. In this paper, it conjointly addresses the important computing and analytical ability of Big Data in process huge volumes of transactional information in real time things to show the dream of Swastha Bharat (Healthy India) into reality. We have proposed a model to predict the diseases based on the various symptoms provided by experts.

Keywords: Big Data Analytics, Health care in India, Big Data Challenges, Big Data, Rural Health Care, e-Health Care, Swastha Bharat, Atulyam Bharat.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10913

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