Abstract: Interest in blockchain technologies has grown over the past few years. Even while the use case involving financial transactions has received the greatest attention, it could have an impact on other industries. Transparency is increased through blockchain, and the need for reliable middlemen is diminished. This essay examines the viability of using blockchain technology to spot fake goods. This essay covers the various anti-counterfeiting tactics, blockchain technologies, and the traits that make blockchain such an attractive application case. Three different designs have been created, and we are still working to refine an existing system concept. It is known that reducing counterfeits won't be possible by employing simply technological means. Having tamper-proof packaging, a dependable alarm system, raising awareness, and battling counterfeiters legally are important elements. These elements, when paired with blockchain technology, can result in a thorough and effective counterfeiting reduction approach. Some phrases that are similar include blockchain, encryption, and authentication.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11771

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