Abstract: AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) or AVs (Autonomous Vehicles) are employed in a broad range of applications, including bomb disposal, underwater research, and industrial transportation. Many control and guiding solutions for AV research have been presented in the literature, ranging from entirely autonomous and intelligent systems to laser and radar guided systems and line followers. This work employs the Line follower or Direction lead to give a unique way for guiding and directing autonomous vehicles. An AV with a built-in GPS receiver may be effectively controlled by a central computer with the OSM powered control mechanism installed. Transportation automation in the industrial, commerce, and service sectors is a critical component of intralogistics optimization. AGVS has applications in every sphere of industry and commerce. Assembly lines, warehouses, order picking systems, and manufacturing plants are all good examples. The major application of AGVS and the sectors in which they are employed are examined using the AGVS-Statistic Europe, which was designed and is administered by the Department of planning and controlling of warehousing and transport systems (PSLT). The AGVS-current sector's trends and developments are recognised using this database. AGVS farmers are increasingly being forced to compete on a global scale. In the future, AGVS will become more important in the field of automation.

Keywords: Vehicles, Automation, Guidelines, Automatic control, Control systems, Transportation,

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114143

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