Abstract: Over the past few years, online education has expanded quickly as more students enrol in MOOCs and other online courses. The COVID-19 pandemic has also sped up colleges' shift to online education. Another issue with online education is how to maintain academic integrity when taking tests. The research offers a multimedia analytics system for online exam proctoring (OEP) to overcome this issue. The system aims to offer real-time proctoring to identify test-taker cheating behaviour. The method employs audio-visual compliance to keep an eye on test-takers and spot any instances of cheating. In the world of education, AI-based proctoring systems (AIPS) are gaining popularity.

Artificial intelligence is used by these systems to keep an eye on students during exams and catch any cheating activity. Online tools are generally used by online proctoring systems (OPS) to guarantee exam integrity. These issues can be addressed and the validity and fairness of exams in online education can be ensured through the deployment of AI-based proctoring systems, such as the multimedia analytics system described in the study.

Keywords: COVID-19, MOOCS, OEP, AIPS, OPS.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125210

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