Abstract: Petroleum products are one of nature's unique and valuable creations, thus it is important to use and distribute them properly. The project's goal is to develop an RFID-based system that can automatically deduct the amount of petrol dispensed from the user card. The fuel systems are currently manually controlled. These petrol pumps are time-consuming and labour-intensive. Simply place the RFID card close to the RFID reader whenever we wish to fill the tank from the fuel dispenser. The microcontroller then reads the information from the RFID reader and executes the action in accordance with the demands of the consumer. By eliminating human intervention, this automated petrol pump system also offers customers security when filling up at petrol stations, lowering the risk of carrying cash constantly. When RFID reader reads the card, the system asks for the amount and it also shows the balance amount. On entering the amount, the motor starts and petrol gets filled in the petrol tank from the fuel dispenser.

Keywords: RFID, Microcontroller, Fuel Dispensing System, Automation.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124128

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