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Abstract:  The proposed system is the Automated Traffic Control System for Ambulance which deals with traffic congestion during high-density traffic at the specific time. Traffic density can be identified by Vehicle Counter placed at a certain default position on the lane. Here we are considering the main scenario at a time when the traffic congestion is less, the green signal activates for less number of time. As the traffic congestion increases green signal activates until it matches the default number. If there are no vehicles on the lane, then that particular lane signal is skipped. This framework additionally controls the movement of traffic congestion by enabling an ambulance to arrive at a specific area without having it to stop anyplace until the hospital is reached. This system includes RF transmitter and RF receiver. A unique RF transmitter which is present on ambulance transmits signals. The RF receiver placed few meters away from traffic signal receives signals and hence the ambulance on road is detected.  Our system show result under light medium & heavy traffic. The designed system has a simple architecture, fast response time, ease of understanding the working module, user-friendliness and scope for further expansion.

Keywords:  Ambulance, Traffic System, RF TX and RF RX.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7525

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