Abstract: One of the major problems of most developing towns and metropolises is the degeneration in the state of neatness of the surroundings with respect to waste control. This happens owing to the negligence of the model waste collection method. This negligence produces the spread of waste in communities which in turn generate unhealthy circumstances in the environment. It also stimulates several serious diseases amongst the people in proximity and destroys the beauty of the environment. To avoid negligence of the waste and to increase the neatness of the society, waste monitoring system is needed. In this system, the level of the waste is sensed with the help of ultrasonic sensor and the information is sent to the authorized agency via GSM module. PIR sensor is used to detect the motion of the people coming to the waste bin with refuse when the waste bin is full and stopped adding of more refuse to the bin through sound notification. The GSM and the sensors used are interfaced via the Arduino microcontroller. The receive sms will efficiently help to monitor the waste collection to make the surroundings smart, clean and safe.

Keywords: Waste, Arduino, Monitoring, Sensors, GSM Module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11101

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