Abstract: A trend of significant increase in municipal solid waste generation has been recorded worldwide. This has been found due to over population growth rate, industrialization, urbanization and economic growth which have ultimately resulted in increased solid waste generation. Final destination of solid waste in India is disposal. Most urban solid waste in Indian cities and towns is land filled and dumped. Proposed project deals with the most blistering topic i.e. waste segregation. An efficacious management needs to be materialized for better planet to live in. Hence, cost effective project proposal; try to bring in the change. It deals with the minimization of blue-collar method utilization for exclusion of waste into an automated panache. An automation of this style not only saves the manual segregators of the numerous health issues, but also proves to be economical to the nation. Besides, this system utilizes low cost components for the successful segregation of most types of waste. When installed in apartments or small colonies, it proves to be beneficial in sorting the waste at the site of disposal itself. Here we propose the use of an Auto Waste Segregator (AWS) which is cheap and also an easy to use solution for segregation of household waste. It is designed to segregate the waste into three categories viz. metallic, dry and wet waste. The system makes use of moisture sensor for the segregation of wet and dry waste and inductive proximity sensor for the detection of metallic waste and an LCD display for displaying the result of segregation. It is evident from experimental reports that segregation of waste using AWS has been successful.

Keywords: Waste segregation, Solid waste, Water pollution etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101122

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