Abstract: Bone cracks are the serious condition that people face often. In some medical applications, sensitivity in detection medical problems and the accuracy of detection are often in conflict. Detecting bone cracks by computer helps doctor to examine closely and it improves accuracy and timeliness. Hence developed such frame work which detects bone crack by image processing technique. Nowadays image processing techniques are very helpful in analyzing the image for various purposes. In this project we used image of a cracked bone as input to the frame work. This frame work algorithm includes the few steps: pre-processing, Segmentation and ROI search and detection. Features like length and pixel areas of the portions are utilized to recognize break in X-ray beam picture. Calculation has been recreated on different X-beam pictures which demonstrate great outcomes to find crack in picture. Likewise, right now found that canny edge detection works obviously better than some other edge recognition for portioning the cracked part.

Keywords: Edge detection, Image pre-processing, Image segmentation, Hough transform

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9402

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