Abstract: The use of traditional methods for ringing bells in schools and colleges is still prevalent in modern times. However, this paper proposes a more efficient and automated solution in the form of an IoT-based automatic college bell system. The system utilizes NodeMCU as the primary controller and a set of sensors to detect the current time and trigger the bells to ring. This eliminates the potential for errors and delays associated with manual bell ringing. The system is highly reliable and customizable, thanks to its IoT technology, which allows users to program the ringing times and frequencies according to their specific needs. The RTC module tracks the time accurately, and the NodeMCU controller sends signals to the relay module to trigger the bells. By automating the bell-ringing process, educational institutions can enjoy a more efficient and flexible solution for their bell ringing needs.

Keywords : schools, colleges, efficient, automated solution, IoT-based, automatic college bell system, NodeMCU.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12475

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