Abstract: Nowadays petrol pump are operated manually. we required more man power and it is time consuming process. So we implemented automatic fuel filling system by using GSM and AT mega 328. This system can improve the fuelling process in order to make it easier, reliable and secure.  This system aims at safe and secure fuel delivery, ensuring that the customer gets the equivalent amount of fuel for what he/she is paying, hence successfully eliminating any sorts of malpractices that might occur at a various fuel stations. In this paper, we developed an automated fuel station management system which can overcome the disadvantages of present system. The result of this methodology places cashless transactions and authenticated system . It will also help to prevent corruption at fuel stations and can help fuel stations to become faster and less time consuming.   Normally in petrol bunks there is a Human to Human interaction. Our project is to overcome this phenomenon by bringing the interaction between Human and Software. By following mechanism we can avoid all the errors that a human does and also avoid the cheating activities.

Keywords: RFID, Raspberry Pi, GSM and AT mega 328

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8325

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