Abstract:  In 21st Century Peoples are busy in their rushing life so they do not have time for their safety and security that's why we are dealing with this issue regarding home security. In kitchen, while using LPG Cylinder there are many problems occurs such as the time required for LPG Cylinder booking it also phases the problem with gas leakage. Our project can help for monitoring and detecting gas leakage by using the sensor as soon as gas leakage is detected an alert message sent to remote location user and it also stuck the gas supply by automatically switching off the regulator and immediately turns on the exhaust fan. It assurer the safety from leakage of the gas accident dysponea and detonation .this system has an additional purpose that is monitoring the weight of LPG cylinder continuously by using weighing sensor by informing user about gas left in the cylinder this system will help to purchaser to know about whether they are cheated by gas distributor providing less amount of LPG. The main advantage is automatically booking an LPG cylinder by sending an SMS to the distributor company and also alert the user with the help of GSM technology. It also helps physically challenged people by making them independent and secure them from any kitchen speculative.

Keywords: GSM module, Servo Motor , Load cell, HX711 amplifier, ATmega328p controller,LCD,MQ-5 sensor,Exhaust fan, Regulator.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71209

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