Abstract:  The presentation is about automatic metal separation using plc. The basic idea of this project is to design a small belt system and an easy and automated process to separate   different metal sizes using the PLC.   In earlier in the industries metal was separated manually. But now a days with the help of an automation system the task of separating metal has become easier. This automatic metal separation system has the advantage of smooth and efficient operation of the metal separator. It usually works on metallic identification of any size or that we want to separate.  This work will provide high accuracy and flexibility to the system and at the same time it will save the overall time. The central idea of this project is to design a small belt system which is a automated process to separate different metal sizes using the PLC. The electronic sensors are used to provide information to the controller. High flexibility is the main requirement of industry to increase production. The different processes of sorting are controlled by the PLC. PLC is the heart of this project which is controlled by a PLC program.

Keywords: eco-friendly, flexible,reliable, automatic.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9424

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