Abstract: Unlike previous versions of pet feeders, this project design aims to enable pet owners to feed their pets/pets without presence or interference. Our mission motive is to provide an easier and more efficient way for pet owners to feed their pets, even when they are not at home now and can no longer manage from a distance. This system is realized using digital imaging. An ultrasonic sensor is placed on the first pet to detect the pet in front of the system. When a pet is detected, the camera turns on and captures and processes an image of the pet. When a pet is recognized as a must-have, the DC motor kicks in to provide the food. I have implemented a project for two pets of different breeds. Therefore, we used two DC motors to dispense 2 types of food to 2 different pets. Therefore, two food containers and two feeders are provided in this design. After feeding the required pet, a message is sent to the owner's mobile number using the API.

Keywords: Automatic Pet Feeder, Arduino IDE, Smart Home, Digital Image Processing, Neural networks.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125139

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