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Abstract: Safety and reliability are considered in one of the main issues at all transport system, particularly in railway. An automatic railway track crack detector system for Railway has been proposed here which aims in building a robot that can detect and analyze any kind of crack on the railway line and send the coordinates of that faulty line to the concerned authority. The proposed system can be networked with multiple robots and central computer system can control all these robots, so that complete track can be scanned for detecting any crack before each time train passes through track. Multiple such systems can be connected by using LoRa network instead of GSM network. This will eliminate the connectivity and network traffic issues. With the networked robotic system can be connected with the railway signaling system to synchronize the signaling with the crack detection. Synchronization with the signaling system can help automatic control of traffic if any crack is detected.

Keywords: LoRa Network, Robot, PIR sensor, ultrasonic sensor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8436