Abstract:  In this paper, we are to discuss the Automatic Street Light system which now days electric energy consuming more than the regular use after some days we are facing more electric power problem .so we can that solution that, The vehicles are passing over the road and we are placing the some ir sensors to the detect the vehical movement and a neighborhood of places are going to be consisting of less density areas and even no vehicle moments itself in few areas. But during night all street lights are going to be on in conventional street lighting system. To overcome from this issue, a proper energy saving due to density of light low save more light energy methods and lighting control to be implemented. The proposed work based on the combination of the arduino  and other components to have two controls like, one is to switch of lights during no vehicle moments in streets and automatically turn on when vehicles comes and therefore the other modes are to offer less intensity light to turn on bright mode during vehicle moments at sides on the roads.

Keywords: Arduino Uno, IR sensors, BreadBoard, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9205

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