Abstract: The libraries are an organized collection of different sources of information where an individual can easily borrow the information in the form of a book/journals or can refer to the sources there itself. Modern libraries simply work using manpower and are time inefficient. But the use of the digital library makes the performance of using the library to be more efficient by providing quick access to services and information. This project aims to design and implement a digital and virtual access library for monitoring and controlling transactions in the library. Autonomous Integrated Library (AI-L) is a next-generation library for non-academic or academic libraries in which every single task will be done digitally i.e. by using an android application by the user and web application by the administrator. Both interface will share common centralized real-time cloud database. Autonomous Integrated Library will be a paperless library system in which there will be no complexity for the librarian to maintain records of the borrower manually rather all the information is saved digitally in cloud and the information is also available in real-time.

Keywords: AI Library, Cloud Library, Virtual Library, Remote Access Library, Digital Library, E-Library, Smart Library, Automated Library, Library Management System, Cloud Application, Android Application

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9511

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