Abstract: The demand for sustainable agricultural practices has led to the development of advanced technologies in precision agriculture. This research presents the design and implementation of a simple follow-me bot that serves as a seeder and uses ultrasonic sensors, Arduino microcontrollers, and servo motors. The goal of this research is to automate the process of seed placement, increase efficiency, and reduce human labor. The proposed system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles and determine the optimal path for the Follow-Me-Bot. By integrating the Arduino microcontroller with the sensors, real-time data acquisition and processing is achieved, allowing the bot to navigate through the designated area while avoiding potential obstacles. In addition, servo motors are used to actuate the seed placement mechanism and ensure precise and consistent seed placement. This research outlines the methodology used to design the follow-me bot and provides a detailed description of the hardware components and their interconnections. The programming logic and algorithms used to control the bot movement and seed delivery mechanism are also discussed, highlighting the seamless integration of the ultrasonic sensors and servo motors with the Arduino platform. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system, as the Seed Sower bot successfully navigates through an obstacle course while accurately sowing seeds. The bot's ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions and efficiently perform seeding demonstrates its potential for automating agricultural operations and improving productivity. This research is significant as it lays the foundation for the development of advanced autonomous agricultural systems. The integration of sensor-based navigation and precise seed application mechanisms paves the way for future innovations in precision agriculture and provides a sustainable solution to optimise crop production while reducing labor-intensive processes.

Keywords: follow me bot, seed drill, ultrasonic sensors, Arduino microcontroller, servo motors, automation, precision agriculture, sensor based navigation, autonomous agricultural systems.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12685

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