Abstract: More advanced technologies in the field of automobles had come up recently. The main focus is on making the vehicles automated. There are various aspects in the field of automobile industry which makes the vehicle automated. This autonomous vehicle is based on the idea of using fewer resources and less cost to develop a highly efficient self-driving vehicle. It is a mix of Robotics, Machine learning, and AI and using an ARM-based low-power Low-cost CPU (P.C) which is mainly found on Mobile architecture by replacing a CPU of X86 architecture which is having high cost and needed high power consumption. The vehicle is trained using Machine Learning and it detects not only simple obstacles but also understands several kinds of signs, stopped vehicle, take a turn when a parked vehicle or comes in front of it, understands the road line and follow it, only by using a simple camera and a low power low-cost simple CPU. When an obstacle/sign captured by the camera, vehicle takes a needed decision by sending the data into the Machine learning algorithm in PC. Thus, the vehicle will be trained enough to navigate safely by relaxing the driver.

Keywords: IoT, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicle, Machine Learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10124

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