Abstract: The use of Cloud Computing Services offers significant cost advantages for both the enterprises and end-users. Particularly start-up companies benefit from these advantages; meanwhile often they do not operate an internal IT infrastructure. But are costs associated with cloud computing services are very high as most of them not used in an optimal way. So there is the need for the system/ tool that can give the solution for the most favourable usage of cloud resources to reduce the infrastructure cost on the private clouds like Amazon or Google as big companies are investing billions of money in buying cloud infrastructure. This paper gives a survey of different techniques used by the researchers for price reduction strategy and abstract view of the proposed system that we are going to implement to reduce the infrastructure cost of cloud usage and evaluate the performance of workloads on EC2 instances. 

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Resource Optimizer, Cost Advantages, Private Clouds, Performance Evaluation, Price Reduction

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81207

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