Abstract: Once disaster happened, communication network and information system are seriously damaged and communication means for residents cannot be used in the disaster area. It is very critical to rescue survivals as soon as possible and guarantee the safety of rescuers .It is necessary to build up a provisional emergency system to monitor the rescuing progress and situation. In this paper, a micro controller- based E-Emergency system with a ballooned wireless adhoc network is proposed. This system includes E-Nurse card, positioning reader and wireless module .The radar and adhoc network techniques are integrated for position and communication. In the real test ,the position and life information of rescuers can be shown in PC or laptop in the monitor centre .Moreover, the information also can be presented in smart phones anywhere .Finally the performance of rescue would be improved and loss would be reduced. The System is specifically developed to provide a stable communication channel between victims and rescuers. Additionally, we propose an optimization to WiFi direct network to enable the inter-group communication between different WiFi direct groups using WiFi legacy. Using this hybrid solution of the two technologies (WiFi legacy and WiFi Direct), we developed an android disaster management system that is more robust and resilient to damage. Experimental results demonstrate that the system achieves improvement in terms of energy consumption, delay and reliability comparing to existing works.

Keywords: E-Nurse Card, Omni Directional Camera, GSM Module, Balloon Nodes, VoIP

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9118

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