Abstract:  It is an understatement if we say that bank vaults are insecure. We place our trust in banks to contain our savings, both monetary and commodity.  We often skim through the news of bank robberies in daily newspapers. The first treasuries were established within temples to ensure that they were protected not only physically, but also morally by the overseeing deity. Bank strong rooms evolved to incorporate increasing levels of physical security. Safes became vaults, with more steel and concrete being used. Similarly, lock technology increased in sophistication and complexity from simple keys to code combination. And bank heists began to find success via brute force – drilling, explosives etc.

The proposed project aims to overcome the shortcomings (as in security) of the current vault systems provided in private banks. Here we use advanced methodologies like RFID, Face and Iris recognition system in an approach to automate the accessing of bank vaults. In order to protect the vaults from robbery a proximity sensor is being used here. GSM technology is also used to alert the account holders, the bank officials and the police force incase of an emergency. We intend to automate the manual security mechanism present at the moment so as to improve security levels and strength of the mechanism.

Keywords: Arduino uno, Biometric system, Servo motor, Relay

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8240

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